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New Book Site

Patricia Driscoll's new book, "Murder in a Different Light" is now available on Amazon. Web on Fire is proud to be a partner with Patricia to host, develop, and maintain her website. 

Check it out at


PT Industries

Web on Fire has recently deployed an upgraded website.  PT Industries has a complete in-house tooling facility in York, PA.  We are excited to be partners with PT Industries.

Design Services

Website design is the process of building the aestetic framework of your website.  Logos, colors, layouts, and images are critical components to your website look and feel.

Custom design will achieve perfect matching results with any theme you have in mind. By establishing a design, logo and content to match, Web on Fire can create a strong brand identity. This will enable customers to recognize your brand at the blink of an eye.

responsive development

During the design phase of your project we will present different design options to you and let you decide which to develop. We are experienced in working with popular eCommerce solutions and Content Management Systems (CMS) skinning. 

What is skinning? 

It's the process of creating all the graphics, logo and theme for your site. 

For most of our local clients, this process starts by going out to lunch, drafting a basic design on paper, and then Web on Fire turns that draft into a few basic designs.  Once we decide on the best layout and design, we will focus our efforts on adding the necessary graphics in preparation for the development phase.


Support & Orders

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