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New Book Site

Patricia Driscoll's new book, "Murder in a Different Light" is now available on Amazon. Web on Fire is proud to be a partner with Patricia to host, develop, and maintain her website. 

Check it out at


PT Industries

Web on Fire has recently deployed an upgraded website.  PT Industries has a complete in-house tooling facility in York, PA.  We are excited to be partners with PT Industries.

Web Marketing

Web on Fire integrates client websites, print materials, newsletters, marketing mailers and other specialty products in a cohesive theme to stimulate brand identity.

We work with you to build a marketing campaign that will set your industry on Fire!


These four marketing elements are critical in building your brand name and differentiating your product or service from your competitors. Web on Fire will assist you in building your marketing effort based around these objectives:

  • Create unique selling proposition
  • Strong visual brand imagery
  • Innovative and reliable product
  • Memorable and integrated advertising

Successful Marketing

A successful marketing campaign is measured by the ability of integrated advertising techniques to excite the potential buyer and compel them to try your product or service.

If you build it...they will come?

Driving traffic to your site is the most difficult aspect of any website marketing campaign. Just because you have a great website does not mean visitors will know about it or want to visit it. Developing your website tags, keywords, site content (copy), and analytics is critical to your placement on key search engines. Recently internet search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo have changed the way they rank your site versus your competitors. In this new paradigm it is increasingly important to have your site listed by a knowledgeable web company.

Get listed with Web on Fire!

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