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Giving Back

Web on Fire is proud to support the kids of St. Joseph School, York, PA during their 2017 Race for Education fundraising event.  For more posts about the event see their facebook page.


New Book Site

Patricia Driscoll's new book, "Murder in a Different Light" is now available on Amazon. Web on Fire is proud to be a partner with Patricia to host, develop, and maintain her website. 

Check it out at



Website development is the broad term related to how webmasters, designers, and search specialists integrate all phases of a web platform into a functional website.  At Web on Fire we can handle each phase of your development project using our web management lifecycle.  We will take you from the strategy phase into content development, then to the design and development phases, and will finish up with site promotion (SEO) and content maintenance.

webonfire web management life cycle


Keep your site updated!

In order to drive more customers to your site, you need to keep your content fresh. The success of your site, and ultimately your business, will depend on how current and new your content is.

No matter what your needs are, we have a website maintenance plan that is right for you. Many of the sites we maintain are ones we didn't create. So if you need a quick change in content, design, or layout, let us know!  We can also supplement your current developers and work with them to create new graphics, pages or print media.

We offer:

  • News updates
  • E-mail promotions
  • New product lines
  • Updated gallery pages
  • Tweaking to the site layout

Web on Fire will assist you in completing each of these tasks, on-time and in budget.

What is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A content management system is a web based application that allows developers and clients to publish, edit, modify, and maintain content from a central administrative control panel. Some of the popular ones are Wordpress, Joomla, or Drupal. Each CMS provides you with many paid or free plugins, which help you expand your site and add more functionality as needed.  We have tested and use a standard set of trusted plugins from trusted vendors.

At Web on Fire we consider ourselves integration experts.  There is no need for us to reinvent code when a plugin and be downloaded and installed to your CMS without the expense of custom coding.

Support & Orders

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