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PT Industries

Web on Fire has recently deployed an upgraded website.  PT Industries has a complete in-house tooling facility in York, PA.  We are excited to be partners with PT Industries.

New Book Site

Patricia Driscoll's new book, "Murder in a Different Light" is now available on Amazon. Web on Fire is proud to be a partner with Patricia to host, develop, and maintain her website. 

Check it out at



Web on Fire has been in business for 10 years working with clients to capture their business identity.  We are experts at creating custom themes using several content management systems. 

Joomla websites
Machining companies in the York and Hanover, PA markets
Ecommerce websites
Two downtown York, PA small businesses
Wordpress websites
Socialize, ecommerce, blog from Wordpress!

These company websites are all developed, hosted, and maintained by Web on Fire.

Support & Orders

Email, call or text your Web on Fire representative:

Northeast Operations
York, Pennsylvania

Southwest Operations
San Antonio, Texas


Patricia Driscoll

I knew I made the right decision hiring you as my Webmaster. You've done such a great job and you've been so patient. Not to mention, fun to work with!

~ Pat

Author of Shedding Light on Murder and Murder in a Different Light
San Francisco, CA